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8 Things About Operation Outfect

 The worlds richest and most powerful people have decended on a remote compound in South Africa to meet with Max Londt, an eccentric billionare who has developed a way for humankind to colonize the stars.  Neil Grenham, a disgraced PR expert with a reputation for helping the worst people in in the world to terrible things, is recurited to help convince this elite group to sign up as passengers. He also needs a way to convince the extra-terrestrial beings on the other side to take them. In the process, he delves into his own past with the South African military during apartheid and realizes that something far darker might be involved in this plan for the rich to escape Earth.   1. The World As It Could Be:  A world in crisis, humanity choking to death on its own shit and a billionaire class with more money than brains looking to get out and pull the ladder up behind them. Yep it pretty much seems like our world.  2. I Love It When A Plan Comes Together:  This story does have a couple of

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