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Viekko Spade Reviews Jeremy's Top Twenty Books of 2019 Part 1

 Note: I feel like most people reading this blog should know Viekko. But if you don't, Viekko Spade is one of the main characters in the Ruins of Empire series. He's a down-and-out Martian soldier with a wry sense of humor and a bit of a hero complex. You can read all about his adventures here and here. The opinions expressed below are those of Viekko Spade and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Jeremy L. Jones or Saga of Insanity. 

It’s like this: Where Jeremy lives, this is a hectic time of year. He says there are things to do and places he needs to be.  Between you and me, the places he needs to be are ‘wherever they are servin’ beer’ and the things he needs to do are ‘drink all the beers.’ But I don’t judge.

Anyway, he went and gave me a stack of books he’s been readin’ this year and asked me to write down my opinions. Now I know I don’t come off as much of a reader in the Ruins of Empire, but I did a fair amount of it as a kid. I mean, what else is a boy su…

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