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9 Things About: The Adventures of Tom Stranger Interdimensional Insurance Agent

Who do you call when Purple People Eaters are invading your world, or you get rear-ended by a rusted-out demon dimension? Call Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent.  And make sure your premiums are paid.

Tom is on a mission to provide excellent customer service to clients. Even if it means braving tentacle monsters, the undead, or (gasp) a Nebraska call center.  It's just a day in the life for the Universes most badass insurance agent.

1. Insulting Half Your Audience Is Not Good Customer Service
I wanted to like this book.  I did like this book. It was in every way the stupid-fun madcap adventure that it promised to be. It is a story told with fanboyish glee where there are superior Earth dimensions that didn't cancel Firefly, survivability is measured in degrees of Bear Grylls, and uninsured Balrogs wreak havok. And all of it led by Tom Stranger, whose M.O. at every turn is Excellent Customer Service at any cost. My inner 13-year-old boy clapped and squeeled through…

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