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7 Things About The Hive

Cassie Mckinny, daughter of the famous hacker Harlon Mckinny is a believer in the Hive. Before the Hive, the Internet was the Wild West; a lawless digital landscape dominated by trolls, pirates and doxxers. But, the Hive put people in control. It allowed the public to meet out justice to those who those who violate the codes of common decency.  But when Cassie makes an offensive joke online she becomes a fugitive from Hive Justice who declare that Cassie's joke was so dangerous and toxic that the only thing to do is to hunt her down and kill her. With the help of her mother and an underground group of hackers, she must find the truth about the Hive before it's too late.  1. Yeah Pretty Much The Logical Endpoint of Social Media: The story of Justine Sacco of course comes time mind while reading this book (and most likely provided some inspiration if not the template for the book). Justine Sacco, if you don't know or remember, was the woman who made an arguably racist joke on

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