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10 Things About Golden Son

In the second installment of the Red Rising series, Darrow has climbed, clawed and cut his way into House Augustus and commands a fleet in a war game to prove the supremacy of his House and patron to the Sovereign. But when the battle is lost and he is betrayed by House Bellonia, the Gold's rising star loses everything just as The Sons of Ares' rebellion begins to falter.  Now Darrow reaches out to old allies and new in order to launch an audacious plan to create the uprising of the Colors he’s dreamed of since his wife’s death. But as his plan comes to fruition, his secret —that he is a Red masquerading as a Gold to bring down the system from within— is at risk of being exposed. 1. Can It Get Bigger?  This question did come to mind after the first book. Because Red Rising is bloody epic. I often described it as Game of Thrones meets Hunger Games. (Or Battle Royal more accurately). And while its pretty obvious that there is more to come, you do get to this point where Darrow i

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