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6 Things About Ten Sigma

 Dying of cancer and with nothing but crippling debt to leave her family, Mary joins the Ten Sigma program, a secret government project to develop the ultimate soldier. With her last breath her consciousness is uploaded into a computer system and the war begins. In scenario after bloody, brutal scenario she hones her killer instincts while watching her memories and her humanity slowly fade away. With each battle she finds herself becoming more and more like her sociopathic team member, Sid. And when she discovers his dark secret, her race to complete the program becomes less about her freedom and more about the survival of the world she left behind. 1. A Devil For The New World There's echos of Dante's Inferno in this cyberpunk thriller.  At the end of her life, Mary encounters a series of agents that seem to come and go with supernatural ability. One could probably explain this away given Mary's state of mind toward the end, never mind the interference of some good pain me

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