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Wine-ing About Fight Club

I have a confession to make. I like Fight Club. It's not fashionable to say anymore especially as someone who liked it as an angry young man. I should have grown out of such things by now, but I haven't. I love it. But it's not fashionable. In fact for the 20th anniversary of the movie release last year, it seemed that a lot of writers were falling over themselves to call out this cult classic for everything from toxic masculinity, to glorifying terrorism to just being a pretentious piece of bullshit.  It didn't sit well with me. So I endeavored to re-read the book and re-watch the movie and write a piece about how it holds up and why it holds up after all these years. When I described this idea to one of my partners-in-crime, who also has a bookish nature and a penchant for rebellion, she wanted to help with the project.  So we read the book together and watched the movie as Fight Club was truely meant to be enjoyed. Namely with a cheese board and high quality wine.  A

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