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7 Things About The Wake Up

Lexi can See the truth reflected in mirrors. She can see the angels and demons we keep inside.

But this is an age where the truth is at odds with the state, and an oppressive new regime has banned the use of mirrors. Those like Lexi who can See are in grave danger, so she hides her ability from the world.

But when she falls for the suave and charismatic Dominic, she finds that those we hold closest to our hearts contain the darkest secrets.

1. The Life of Lexi: The Wake Up follows the life of Lexi from a precocious young girl to a rebellious woman. Not only is she a Seer—which means she can look into a mirror and people change into angels or demons in the reflection—but she comes from a family of glassmakers, which is a dangerous thing to be in this time and place. As she grows up and finds her way in a world increasingly torn apart by a power-mad president turned dictator. Still, she finds love and tries to make a nice life for herself, but the reality of what she is and what she See…

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