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7 Things About Legacy of the Unborn

A respected physician has gone missing while a deranged killer terrorizes Manhattan with Jack the Ripper style murders. A gung-ho reporter for a gossip rag, a disillusioned cop and a world-weary doctor bored with his clientele of rich old women all embark on a journey to discover the truth. But at the heart of it all is an ancient secret that destroys everyone that gets close to it.

1. My Qualifications (Or Lack Thereof)Legacy of the Unborn was written as a sequel to Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Which is a book I have not read. In fact, I have only a loose knowledge of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. I think I might have read one of his short stories at some point in high school or college but the fact that I'm not entirely sure should say something about the potential impact that Lovecraft has had on my life. So keep that in mind. 2. A Journey Into The Unknown
One of the things I was most worried about as I opened this book was that I would just be completely lost…

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