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6 Things About The Witches Vacuum Cleaner

Very simply, this book is a glimpse into the early career of one of the finest wordsmiths ever to live. This collection of short stories are silly and fun. Magical but down to earth.

1. It Is What It Is: And that is a collection of short stories for children. They have a bit of Pratchettian flare to them, but otherwise, they are just cute little stories. They don't really go anywhere they are just random bits of imagination that sweep you away on a journey before dropping you back at the station.

2. Also, I Invented the Word 'Pratchettian' Deal with it.

3. Cute Is The Best Word: And really the only word to describe this book. They are fun little stories but that's about it. The author dreams up a bizarre situation, it meanders through a narrative and then goes away. What it's missing are the clever little twists that would be a defining characteristic in his later works.

4. Nobody Starts Out Good At This: And that brings me to the most valuable part of this book. I…

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