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Holy Shit All The Things Are Happening: Part 2!


All right. Gather 'round.  These are all the things that are happening:

Somehow in my rush to try and get the word out on every platform I can, I forgot what is probably the most important. Namely, this place where I get up and rant about whatever is on my mind. Mostly books. My books. And other people's books. It's kinda my thing.


If you haven't heard, Ruins of Empire #2 is available on pre-order on Kickstarter here:

Or here.

Just click the link. There's a cool video. And seriously, you've only got two weeks to do it.

Or go here:

The official Amazon release is on November 15th.  For fans in the Boise area, that also means a release party at County Line Brewing. Also, the second season of the Ruins of Empire Podcast starts on November 18th.

Now you might be asking yourself a few questions.  Namely...
Why the Fuck Kickstarter? To which I reply, why…

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