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9 Things About Gnomon

The System never makes mistakes.

In the safest society humans have ever built, the System watches everything. Every thought is recorded, every movement analyzed. Memories are recorded so that any crime can be instantly investigated.

But when Diana Hunter dies on the operating table during such a procedure, Inspector Mielikki Neith is assigned to discover what went wrong. As she pours through Diana's memories she finds a glitch. A hack. A malfunction in the System.

In order to protect herself, Diana Hunter has created a series of false memories. Each one is so dense and so detailed that they are indistinguishable from real life. But as the inspector starts to live out each story, a series of clues will lead her to the truth about the System and the 'free' society she strives to protect.

1. Pack Your Shit, You're Going On A Trip: Gnomon is less a story and more of an experience. Like most detective novels, Harkaway invites the reader to try and figure out the mystery by …

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