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6 Things About Virtual Light

A vision of the past as seen from the future. Set in near-future quasi-dystopia Virtual Light follows Chevette Washington, a young bike messenger who makes her home, along with aging burn-out Skinner, on top of the Golden Gate bridge which has been turned into a shanty-town of sorts. In true cyber-punk, dystopian punk fashion, it is the last place in a cruel world where the working poor can live and be themselves.

But Chevette when makes the mistake of lifting a pair of expensive sunglasses from a drunk groper at a party, she finds herself a target in a shadowy conspiracy. Enter Barry Rydell, ex-cop, ex-security guard, ex rent-a-cop, ex pretty much anything. He is hired to drive for a team whose mission it is to recover the glasses. But when he sees the murderous truth of it all, he rescues Chevette, and they ride out chased by all manner of Bond-villain-esque characters.

1. The Future Is...Ten Years Ago?
The part I loved best about this book and the most quotable parts of Virtual Lig…

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