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8 Things About Red Rising

 The Reds toil under the surface of Mars so that someday it may be habitable by the ‘lesser colors.’ But a young Hell Diver discovers the truth. Mars is long since been habitable and slaves to the Gold ruling class. But when Darrow finds a way to infiltrate a Gold institute he finds a brutal battlefield where even the scion of the richest and most powerful families aren’t safe. 1. Brilliant story. Even better social commentary:  This is one of those books that can be enjoyed simply as a fun, engaging narrative full of twists and turns, larger than life characters and a level of creativity that inspires. But for those that care to look, there is deeper meaning inside. 2. Game of Thrones mixed with Hunger Games..."  ... with a dash of Harry Potter and a pinch of Fight Club. The story centers around Darrow, a 16-year-old Red helldiver in the mines of Mars. Inspired by the revolutionary dreams and subsequent death of his wife, Eo he joins the Sons of Ares who help him pass himself off

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