Holy Shit All The Things Are Happening: Part 2!


All right. Gather 'round.  These are all the things that are happening:

Somehow in my rush to try and get the word out on every platform I can, I forgot what is probably the most important. Namely, this place where I get up and rant about whatever is on my mind. Mostly books. My books. And other people's books. It's kinda my thing.


If you haven't heard, Ruins of Empire #2 is available on pre-order on Kickstarter here:

Or here.

Just click the link. There's a cool video. And seriously, you've only got two weeks to do it.

Or go here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ruinsofempire/templum-veneris-book-two-of-the-ruins-of-empire.

The official Amazon release is on November 15th.  For fans in the Boise area, that also means a release party at County Line Brewing. Also, the second season of the Ruins of Empire Podcast starts on November 18th.

Now you might be asking yourself a few questions.  Namely...

Why the Fuck Kickstarter?

To which I reply, why not? It's an experiment. I've spent over a year now putting on my skimpiest outfits, throwing some glitter on my face, and going out onto that over-crowded street corner that is all of social media. I've had some successes. Some failures. And a lot of lessons learned about marketing in the strange time we are living in.

Now it's time for me to see if any of that work actually paid off.  I set a goal that I felt was doable (note doable in italics); ambitious but doable.

But really just trying out a new avenue to get my work out there. There's no right way to do anything anymore, especially in the world of indie publishing. There are just ways that work and ways that don't work. And they differ for every person and their audience. Maybe this will work for me, maybe it won't, but it was worth a try.

So... what if it doesn't get funded? 

Well, then it didn't work, did it?

In the short term, I will drink a lot and cry. Before you feel bad, that's basically how I begin and end my days, so don't worry. It's normal.

Second, I'll try to get books out to them that wanted them and proceed as planned. And then I will put on the short skirt, rouge up my cheeks, and slap on some kneepads and head out once again.

Again, it's an experiment. And one that is in no way driving me a little insane.


So should I...

You should totally go to Kickstarter and check it out.  At least see the badass book trailer. The art was from the very talented Angela Vincent, voiced by Your Truly and my wife.  And then you totally should pledge a few bucks for a few reasons.

ONE!: Your name in the Acknowledgments section: A kind of living record —a memorial if you will— to those who were brave and crazy enough to help me keep this project going.

TWO!: Autographed Copies. Unless you know me and can hunt me down (they say author is the most dangerous prey), this is probably your one chance to get my drunken scrawl across the title page of your book. I promise I will be half in the bag when I am signing these books.

THREE!: Hardback copies! If you are a fan of the elegant feel of a hardback book (AND WHO ISNT?!), this is the one chance to get one. While I tend to keep paperbacks copies on hand, I will probably not do much with this format. It's bulky, expensive, and appeals to a rather limited audience.

But I'm putting in an order for them so, if hardback is your jam, this is the place. This is the time. Seriously, this shit ends on October 25th, so do it.


Fine, fine, what about the podcast?

Status: In Progress!

Recording has already begun, and episodes will start trickling out November 18th.  Producer Shaun has returned to help record and produce it. So if you are a fan of me reading my own books to you, it's happening again. Complete with the author commentary and all the other bells whistles and fireworks.

Wasn't There Supposed To Be An Audiobook?


Here's the thing. I wanted to throw a bunch of time and energy into the release of Templum Veneris. So we put the whole audiobook thing on hold for now. Is it coming? Yes. When?

Sigh... After today. Probably before next December. Maybe.

It turned out to be a much harder project than we thought, especially for two guys who have other projects and full-time jobs. We've made some progress. There's a lot more to do. It will all happen in time.

Any more questions? Nope? Good!

One more time, here are the dates you need to know.

October 25th: The end of the Templum Veneris pre-release campaign on Kickstarter.

November 15th: Official Amazon Release. We party at County Line Brewing!

November 18th: Ruins of Empire: Season 2

November 19th: - Sometime in 2021: Me sitting pantless in my writing cave arguing with imaginary people. 

 As it should be.


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