Viekko Spade Reviews Jeremy's Top Twenty Books of 2019 Part 1

 Note: I feel like most people reading this blog should know Viekko. But if you don't, Viekko Spade is one of the main characters in the Ruins of Empire series. He's a down-and-out Martian soldier with a wry sense of humor and a bit of a hero complex. You can read all about his adventures here and here. The opinions expressed below are those of Viekko Spade and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Jeremy L. Jones or Saga of Insanity. 

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It’s like this: Where Jeremy lives, this is a hectic time of year. He says there are things to do and places he needs to be.  Between you and me, the places he needs to be are ‘wherever they are servin’ beer’ and the things he needs to do are ‘drink all the beers.’ But I don’t judge.

Anyway, he went and gave me a stack of books he’s been readin’ this year and asked me to write down my opinions. Now I know I don’t come off as much of a reader in the Ruins of Empire, but I did a fair amount of it as a kid. I mean, what else is a boy supposed to do when one of those Martian dust storms kicks up that will strip the skin right off his little skeleton? So here it is. Jeremy’s best books of 2019 as reviewed by Yours Truely, Viekko Spade. So here's 20 through 16:

#20 The Wake Up:
This book reminded me of home a little bit. When we was kids, my mamma would tell us stories about monsters and fairies. Little goblins that lived way out past the Meridani plains and dragons that flew above the copper skies.  None of it made much sense but I liked the stories anyway. This book was like one of those. It was like a Pre-Fall fairy tale. Like you never hear about anything like this in any history book about the 20th century and it’s not like to happen. But there’s somethin’… I don’t know. It tells the story about what was really goin’ on even if that wasn’t what was. Like somethin’ more true than reality. Just go read it and it might make some sense to you.
Jeremy's Review of The Wake Up

#19 Lifting the Lid (Lifting The Lid #1):
This is a book about some sad illjig and his dog that get swept up in some spy trouble. He stumbles on this little package hidden inside a toilet lid and, after that, he is basically dragged all over England by an ill-tempered detective from one disaster to another. I liked the dog. The dog made me laugh. All through the story, the dog was destroyin’ or peein’ on something and all the people would yell, “Who’s dog is this!?” It was funny. Don’t know much about the rest of it. Maybe I'm missin' something but the rest of the story didn't make a lot of sense to me. It was one of those complicated stories that probably didn't need to be that complicated. Like when I stopped to think about it, the whole story could have been averted if one person had a working brain cell. And the main character wined so much I kinda wanted to strangle him through the pages. But I liked the dog.
Jeremy's Review of Lifting The Lid

#18 Earth Unknown:
So in this book, instead of the Global Civilization just kinda fallin’ apart, it gets eaten up by some weird swarming creatures that are basically just wave of claws and teeth. And there’s this guy, Nathan Stacker who’s running from the law on a distant planet and he finds himself on Earth lookin’ for the truth as to who maybe killed his wife. I liked Stacker. He really can’t seem to catch a break and he spends most of his time bein’ shot at, so I can identify. I liked the Sherriff even more. He’s this six-shooter toting bad-ass that beats aliens with his metal arm. Reminds me a lot of some of the folk I knew on Mars. Don’t know why Jeremy didn’t like this one as much, it was right up my alley. If this were my list, this would be up near the top. But Jeremy’s a hard guy to please. But seriously, what’s not to like? It’s got aliens. It’s got people blastin’ the baas out of things. A hard novsh with a metal arm. It’s got everythin’. Five stars from me. Screw what Jeremy thinks.
Jeremy's Review of Earth Unknown. And screw you too, Viekko.

#17 John Anvil and the Cypress Door (Josh Anvil#1):
This book is about a kid who gets superpowers where he can make anythin’ happen. Really, anythin’. He thinks about it, his chest glows and, bam, it’s there. And then whatever he's created is tearin’ up the joint. Like if I had powers like that when I was a kid; Mars would be just another asteroid belt. And the adults in this book are karaasan brain damaged. Like they got a kid out making dragons and seems fine with them. No need to intervene on account of a dragon burnin’ the tam out of the city. I mean I know it’s supposed to be a kindofa fun story. A story about growin’ up and learnin’ responsibilities and findin’ one’s place. Scared the baas out of me though. Also, the story takes place in a place called Lousisana. Sounds interestin’. Wonder if it’s still there. Maybe I should go some time.
Jeremy's Review of Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door

#16 Pandora (The Organization #1):
Man, I don’t really know much about what a cruise ship was like during the Global Civilization but I ain’t never settin' foot on one after this book. Even if I could. So, in Pandora, it turns out that they found this thing at the bottom of the ocean. It ends up on a cruise ship and absolutely tears the baas out of the place. And this nightmare boat is headin' straight for the land. The story follows some doomed individuals who are sent to the ship with the intent of stoppin' it from reachin' shore. Except there are some in this group that don't share this view. Those that aren't torn apart by monsters that are all muscle and teeth get shot to bits by their own people. I liked this book but I wouldn’t read it with the lights off. Wouldn’t read it if you get squeemish. And I definitely wouldn't read it if you're plannin' a vacation.
Jeremy's Review of Pandora


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