7 Things About Spice Zombies

A deadly plague sweeps the Earth killing billions and turning them into the living dead. The only survivors are zoned out zombies themselves; a pack of degenerates hooked on a drug named spice.
But when they find out that the drug that numbs their senses and makes their miserable lives barely tolorable actually kept them alive, they realize it's up to them to save a world that long since cast them aside. 

1. Good Pitch: 

Found this book on Facebook pitched as Shaun of the Dead meets Trainspotting.  Right? How do you not at least crack that open?

2. Good concept: 

And it started out quite good. Your basic zombie apocalypse story with a group of wacked-out druggies as the protagonists. Their junkie antics make for an oddly charming twist and the Guy Richie-esque language adds extra fun.

3. Execution... could be better: 

As the book goes on, however it feels like the characters lose their way. They are swept along by the plot, which, ya know, makes sense to a point. But character development and feels rushed to get to a satisfying end point where they all learned a valuable lesson from their years chasing a fix on the streets and begin new satisfying lives in a post-apocolyptic world. I feel like somewhere in the middle

4. Action movies are best left on screen: 

One of the things that really pulled me out was the shot by shot description of zombie movie action. It's something that obviously works on a visual medium. You got the main characters running, jumping, climbing trees all while the zombie hordes chase them. But written down, it feels extremely tedious.It’s something I’ve discovered in reviews on my own work. Thrilling heroics plays well on the screen but translation to the page is a harder thing to do well.

5. The Spice of Life: 

One of the things that I thought worked very well was the drug and its effects on the character. I wished that would have been played up more as well as some real themes about addiction and society’s treatment of those affected. It's there. It's hinted at a little bit before the characters go all 'monged 13' escaping the zombie horde.As it is the drug seems to effect them pretty heavily early but, after that, its just there. No real effects or side effects. Just a handy plot devise for explaining how this group of miscreants is still alive and kicking.

6. Also can we talk about 'monged'?:

Monged: adjective
Heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Although herein used as a strange measure of speed when one is out of their mind on spice. I get what he was trying to do but it was mildly confusing at first and then annoying after that. Points for creativity but I wish an editor would have gently informed him that it doesn't really work. 

 7. The verdict ⭐⭐⭐: 

It was okay. A fun zombie adventure if that’s your thing. Some dry British humor to help it along. It could have been more but it’s still amusing. If you like zombie adventures, sure, give it a go. It mostly likely contains everything you're looking for... namely the Living Dead chasing some inept yet strangely loveable characters around. And spandex. And mohawks. 

 Although fair warning you'll have to contend with a decent amount of spelling errors, formating wierdness and other polish items. These things rarely if ever put me off but I know they will locate the brainstem of some readers and hammer away like a lunatic. 

But if you've pretty much had your fill of the genre, this ain't gonna bring you back into it.


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