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6 Things About Advanced Screenings

Life on Earth is changed forever when a television signal from the planet Loamar. Overnight the people of Earth realize they are not alone in the Universe and there are others who communicate via stories. But when a tragic event befalls the Lomani people, humankind's place in the Universe changes forever.   1. My continuing love of short books: Not to belabor the point but getting a lot of reading done with an infant in the house is... difficult. So books that can be tackled in three or four hours are increasingly valuable to me. And this book —more of a short story than a book to be honest— can be read over a couple of hours in the evening.  2. The Truth Is Out There. Probably Aliens Too: The story is another speculative foray into the Big Question of the Universe. If there is intelligent life, what's it like? Haskett proposes and interesting idea. He envisions alien species rising to the civilizational level based on a few very strong traits.  In essence why and how a species

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