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9 Things About The Pacifists

In the middle of a war between the Kadrafian Mining Corporation and the Galactic Naval Corporation, a disillusioned fighter ace from a peaceful race of people decides to desert but ends up finding himself trapped on a dangerous planet with a member of the opposing army.

Working together to survive they realize the destruction and misery this pointless war causes. Together the two form the Pacifists, a rag-tag group of misfits committed to ending the war and saving the galaxy and having a bit of fun while they do it. 1. An Action Comedy For Our Times:The overall feel of the book is a space adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously. It revels in the absurdity that bleeds over from our modern world. As much political satire of our modern world as a story about the distant future. 2. Our Modern Issues In Space...!A main theme of the book is obviously the pointless destruction of warfare. Particularly when waged by soulless corporate entities who use it as a revenue stream. But  …

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