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9 Things About American Gods

 You: Jeremy, are you telling us that you haven't read American Gods until now? Me: Yes.... shut up. You: Seriously??? Me: Oh like you don't have a book out there that seems like something you should have read but haven't because, oh I dunno, life?!" ... ANYHOO!!!   Shadow, locked up for assault and his part of in a failed robbery finally leaves jail and meets the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday. Together they set out on a journey to discover the soul of America and unite the old gods left behind by the waves of people that settled America over the years.  But America is no land for gods. And even the new gods that have taken root have to fight for the small amount of belief they still have. As a storm brews, Shadow discovers the true nature of his homeland and his past. 1. America is the Only Country That Searches For Itself: I'm not sure if that was the quote exactly but I think that was a quote from the book. Or the book made me think of that quote. I can't remember

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