Ruins of Empire Book Update: No news

Behold!  The new writing cave.

So in my research I stumbled on this amazing marketing idea.

Here's how it works if you're a writer and your ready to announce that your first book is going to be published soon:

You make an announcement on the social medias

You start a blog to talk about it

Then you  disappear for three months.

You see the brilliance is in its simplicity.

Okay so here's what really happened.  Right around the time I finished my first book, I decided to restructure my entire existence.  I took a new job slinging beer at a local supermarket chain and, shortly after, bought a new house in Boise.

So basically I dropped out to focus on learning my new role and putting all my shit in a box.  It was a long, stressful summer and I thought it best to take one major thing out of the equation, the whole editing, designing and launching a self-published book think.

Well my shit... is still mostly in a box.  But taking shit out of a box is a longer process than putting it in.  And, besides, it is time to get this rickety cart back on track.  So where is Saturnius Mons right now?

It is still with the editor.  I more or less gave us both the month of August off in order to deal with the slings and arrows that life was throwing at us at the time.  But things are progressing again, currently 12 out of 33 chapters into the first rounds of editing.  As she finishes tearing my work to tiny little pieces that I then re-assemble into a coherent story, it is time to continue preparing the world for the grand release.  To wit: figure out how I'm going to sell the stupid thing so I don't wind up sleeping in a dumpster using the manuscript as a pillow.

In the meantime work has started on the third book of the Ruins of Empire series.

The third book, you say to yourself, what about the second book?

Funny thing, the first draft of the second book has been done for almost a year and a half.  It was one of the reasons it took me years to get the first book ready for publication.  There was a whole book writing under all your noses!

(insert maniacal laughing)


Book #2, Templum Veneris is patiently waiting it's turn on my editorial operating table.

But while we are performing open-heart on Satunius Mons, I've been tinkering with book #3.
The cliche is that the 'journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.'  In my case, it begins with a single sentence:

Juno Moneta
Outline #1

The Human Reconnection project goes to the scattered settlements of the asteroid belt to broker a peace deal and stop the Corporate invasion threatening their society.



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