Viekko Spade Reviews Jeremy's Top 20 Books Of 2019 Part 3

Just past the halfway point. I think it's all downhill from here.

For those of you just joinin' us, my name is Viekko Spade. You may have come across my most recent adventures in a couple of stories. If you haven't, I've got it on good authority that you can find them here and here.

Anyway, Jeremy handed me a whole stack of books and asked if I'd read and review them for you. I'm about halfway through, and we're getting into some quality reading material. Books you might not want to keep in the outhouse in case you wanna read them more than once.  At least with all the pages intact.

Editors note: Please do not use my books as toilet paper, Viekko.

Here we go.

#10: Good Omens:
Well, it makes sense to me that some bratty kid would end the world.

It’s the end times, and you got a whole mess of people losin' their minds in the process. You’ve got the Antichrist and his group of adolescent hellion friends, a timid witchfinder recruit and his noki baas crazy sergeant, a new-age obsessed witch, an elderly call-girl turned psychic, the four horsemen, and to top it all off an angel and demon who are trying to keep the whole game going.

I gotta say it was a fun read. It’s like one of those situations where you got like twenty people doin' their own thing, messin' things up and generally creatin' more problems then solvin'.  And when you look back you kinda say, Man, if we all just had half a brain, we would have just went and done this one thing.  It’s like that. Only with the world endin’.

Also, one of the horsemen, War, was a little scary to me. It was like if Althea and Isra went and became the same person. Sexy as hell, but I pity the person who gets anywhere close.
Jeremy's Review of Good Omens

#9: Edge of Doom:
Another one of them sci-fi noirs by E.M. Swift Hook

Durban Chola was a strange character in Trust a Few. Like kinda fruity, kinda soft but a mind that’s workin' at twice the speed as everyone else. He’s the kind of guy (or alien I think) who you think you can take down pretty easy, only to find out that you’ve gone and done exactly what he wanted you to do from the get-go.

Well, that guy is a crime boss now.

And there is this other dude… Well, not so much a person as an idea. He’s like a legend come to life.  This is Shame Cullen, back from the dead. And he makes an attempt on Chola’s life. Damn near succeeds as well.

And now Jazz and Avalon got to figure out who and what is behind it before the next attack comes.

You gotta love this one too. Twists and turns and a whodunit aboard a starship. The kinda book you sit down with early in the evening, and after a while, you come to find it’s past midnight and you don’t wanna let it go yet. Just one more chapter.  A book to get lost in, if that’s your thing.
Jeremy's Review of Edge of Doom

#8 Going Postal
So this Diskworld was supposed to be like Earth was, but wasn’t. If that makes sense. Its a world run by magical creatures and the humans ain't got any brighter. It’s like one of them stories the preachers always tell on the Martian colony. Like a story that tells a bigger story. A perry-able or somethin' like that.

Nevermind, it’s complicated.

Anyway, I never thought I’d like a book about delivering mail. Like we got a post office on Mars. Or, at least, we got a couple crazy guys who are willing to ride across the Meridiani plains to get messages between villages. Some make it, some don’t. I never saw it bein’ that important though. I mean, radios still work and you can talk to people a long way away, but without that, you need to get the mail through.

It’s a funny book, but it makes you think about all the little things that make the world work.
Jeremy's Review of Going Postal

#7: Idoru
I’ll never figure out what people find so fascinating about celebrities. Like, why should anyone be better than anyone else because they got a certain name that people know? People lost their baas about me when I came to Earth. Like people wanted me around just to have me around. Because people knew I was Viekko Spade, the Martian, they wanted me to go to their party or their club or just be around them. Not because I was interestin' at all but because I was…. well, Viekko Spade, the Martian.

Didn’t make sense to me then. Got a lot of free drinks out of it though. And more than a fair amount of trouble.

This book is about that. It’s about this female singer who everyone loves but is not even real. And everyone knows that. It’s like a magic trick that everyone knows is a stupid trick, they just want to see it. And this book is about all the stupid baas people get up to trying to see that same stupid trick again.

I guess it was an okay book but it honestly made me a little mad. I mean, why people gotta be so stupid like that?  I guess it’s just their way.
Jeremy's Review of Idoru

#6 Heroes Die
And speakin' of fame makin' people stupid, let’s talk about this book a minute.

So basically, you got an actor who gets transported to a fantasy world where he plays this bad-ass assassin while the whole world rides in his head watchin’ all the gory details. I gotta say I really liked this one. On one hand, you got all the things that make a good story. You got this guy swashbucklin' his way through superhuman swordsmen, God-like emperors and a whole host of underhanded characters. You’ve got, action, betrayal, a little romance, and a whole lot of blood.

But underneath it all, you got this sort of hidden message. Like the main character is tellin’ you that he’s doin’ this for your entertainment pleasure. It makes you think about the pain we inflict just to get our jollies now and again. It’s got a subversive bent that made me smile. Somethin’ about a guy stickin’ it to those in charge without givin' a single noki baas that I rather enjoy.
Jeremy's Review of Heroes Die

Whew... all right. One more of these left. Next week, Jeremy's top five books of 2019.


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