On Hangovers and General Awkwardness

A new day dawns on Cytherea, and the gang gears up to explore this strange society.

Viekko's scene in chapter 12 was a recent addition, and, after reading through it, I'm not entirely sure why I felt the need to have another freaking hangover scene in the book. I think people get it. There was a party, and both Isra and Viekko are ruins of themselves.

I think I wanted some transition, something to place Viekko at a specific place in time and explain why and how Viekko is going to be on patrol with a bunch of Cytherean soldiers. It is something that I totally could have mentioned in Isra's scene or even a short exposition in Viekko's next scene.

That being said, I rather like this scene. It's fun. It adds some depth to the world by showing us what daily life is really like in this completely alien culture. Plus, it gives Viekko the opportunity to be... well, Viekko.

If I were to rewrite the book (I am totally not going to rewrite this book. Ever.) I would probably hack this scene down. But as a break from the tension of the last chapters, I rather like it.

Architecture on the Greek Islands provided quite a lot of inspiration for Cytherea

Cronus' storyline is way more autobiographical than I care to admit. Like many a young man who was totally awkward around women (or really any other human if I'm being totally honest), I often relied on good-intentioned but poorly-executed advice. I'm sure many of you can identify with this.

At the same time, I realize there is a reflection of Viekko and Althea's relationship in this scene. Reading it again, I realized that if both Cornus and Joana could get over themselves, they could totally bang and be happy about it. Sound familiar?

But that's harder than it sounds, besides Cronus' crippling social ineptitude, Joana has to get over her entire place in society. The result is this wonderfully fun scene that I'm hoping is somewhat frustrating for the reader.

I guess what I am saying is if, by the end of the chapter, you facepalm, and mutter, "For fuck's sake. Will you two just bone already! This is painful," then I have accomplished my goal.


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